I am a Dark Fantasy writer. I can't help but be one and believe me, I've tried. It seems no matter how far you run, your passion always catches up with you. I didn't make the choice to be a writer, the stories made it for me. Dark Fantasy allows me to combine my two great loves- horror and fantasy. Darkness and dark things have always fascinated me. I've tried to write light or "normal" stories but you can't make the stories into something they don't want to be. Subtle creepy is beautiful. Without meaning to, all my stories deal with darkness in some way.

So, I have a Bachelors in English: Creative Writing, a Masters in Information and Library Science and I've studied Creative Writing in England. I also have a MS in Publishing from NYU.  As a kid, I created my own books by folding several construction papers in half and stapling them down the middle, adding my own illustrations to complement the text. Good times. I really have no idea how many stories I've written. Recently, I've gotten into nature photography and graphic design.

I've published 13 books. The latest in The Lost Sciell Book 3 of The Merging Worlds series. Find more info about my books here. I'm also a photographer and designer.

The written word reaches into my soul and pulls out someone I didn't know existed. They're an escape. They somehow lift the weight of the world off my shoulders. I talk about them as though they're alive. Well, a writers job is to make words come alive for you. I've been writing for ages and I'm still surprised by the things my mind creates. My mind has always been this vast other world, bottomless, where nothing is impossible. I love it!

Ever read a novel and wonder how in the world the author came up with that idea? Well, welcome to my blog. I'd liked to take you into the mind of a writer. Welcome to my soul.


M.L. Falconer said…

I've been receiving your posts in my email for nearly a year now and enjoyed them immensely, however, for one reason or another I’ve never commented and I feel quite guilty for that. Writers are kindred spirits regardless of genre we partake in, and every post you make I can connect with, especially your latest, “digging up the passion”.

Like you, I made books as a kid, and honestly I still do that, only now I fold them, staple them up the center and put them in my pocket to use as a daily mind dump when inspiration hits me on the go. I too am taken by the things my mind creates. I reread my work and sometimes catch myself saying, “That's pretty damn good, I can't believe I wrote It”. Just a few short months ago I created an author blog and slowly have built a small but wonderful following. The comments I get from other writers are so amazing, humbling, flattering and intoxicating. All those moments are what make the struggle of writing worth it. Writing brings out the very best in me and I love who I am when doing so.

Each time I open my email, I look forward to a post from you. My apologies for not being more vocal about my admiration of your blog. I will strive to be more “present” on your blog, as a real fan should be.

It's wonderful to “meet” you all over again. I enjoy your writing, your posts, and many times i've found myself in awe of what I've read here.

M.L. Falconer
Auden Johnson said…
Thanks for your awesome comment! I'm glad you've been enjoying my posts. I love how you make your own books and carry them around just in case an idea hits you. Never thought of doing that. Your blog looks amazing. Love the pictures.
Frater Lucath said…
I randomly came across your site today: excited to have found a new author! :) I love this comment, "It seems no matter how far you run, your passion always catches up with you." For much of my life I ran from being an occultist and demonolator. I'm more and more realizing I should be an occult author, though the idea horrifies me given the stigma towards left hand path magick... I'm excited to look around your site and checkout some of your books.
Auden Johnson said…
Thanks for your comment. I keep going back to the quote "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." If you have a passion for something , go after it. Comments from naysayers will hurt. They will always hurt but think of that person who's looking at you thinking, "if they can do it, maybe it's not impossible for me." Good luck!
Hello I randomly came across your site as well and i just downloaded your book The Unburned Island last night and so far it seems like a really interesting i stumbled across your site cause i was trying to find help in creating my own fantasy race and world for a story i want to write in the future as im in my last year of high school and ive got aspergers syndrome so ive got a very imaginative mind and i would really like some help if you can of course my fantasy race is called the feral tribe and your book seems dope and im going to keep reading it and find some more help creating my world and such while also looking at the other books and sites
Auden Johnson said…
Thank you. I'd be happy to give you any advise about creating your fantasy world and race. Good luck with your writing. Keep reading! I learned a lot about world building from different fantasy books.