Fantasy Writing Guides

Writing fantasy gives you the freedom to creating your own cities and mythical creatures. There's also a lot of challenges. Your world can have dragons but your readers have to believe it. This is where world building come in. You're creating a place people feel like they could actually visit. Here are some guides to help you create and sell engaging fantasy stories:

World Building is fun. It can also be a nightmare. How can one person possibly create an entire world? There's just so much to consider. If you miss something, your world may not feel real to your readers then, your story fails. Hopefully, the links below will make the process a little easier.

 Being a writer isn't just about writing. We have to monitor trends in our genre so we have an idea how of we can sell our books. Although this page focus on dark fantasy, it's useful no matter what fantasy subgenre you write.

You spend all your time crafting a beautiful fantasy world then add unrealistic fight scenes. You'll throw the reader off or worse, bore them. Here's a guide to help you improve your fight scenes.