The Week in Links 2/22/20: Animal Crossing, The Batman, World of Horror

Welcome to the Week in Links, a roundup of the latest articles for fantasy, sci-fi and horror readers and writers.

Nintendo had a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons announcements. At one point, my feed was nothing but new about that game. 

That series is one of my favorites. Although, the game does shame you into playing it. If you're away from the game for several days, you'll come back to roaches in your house and the characters will constantly remind you how long you've been away. But, the sims game also celebrates holidays. Opening it on New Years' Day to fireworks made me smile. 

How to describe Animal Crossing? It's life, sort of. You pay a mortgage, furnish your house, collect food, sell things to earn money, visit your friends and family. The game's already available for pre-order. I cannot wait to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It's almost time for a new Castlevania season on Netflix. It's next month. I'm hoping we get a Castlevania game on the Switch. They had on for the 3DS and Gameboy Advanced. 

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