The SFF Week in Links 2/8/20: Birds of Prey, Locke & Key, Barnes and Noble

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It looks like people enjoy Birds of Prey. I haven't seen any articles about major box office numbers but so far, the reviews have all be positive. Maybe we'll get more female-led movies. Where the female isn't oversexualized. I had planned on seeing it away but now, I really want to see it. 

Joe Hill's Locke and Key finally dropped on Netflix. That also seems to be getting some good reviews. I read Vol. 1. Started Vol. 2 but haven't finished it. The artwork throws me off a bit. The story is interesting enough so I plan to pick up volume 2 again and check it out on Netflix.

You may have heard about the Barnes and Noble nonsense. They released classic books with POC on the cover in celebration of Black History Month instead of, you know, promoting actual black authors. Some of those books had some pretty racist scenes in them too. The internet lost their minds and Barnes and Noble canceled it. The power of social media. But this just goes to show you we still have a long way to go. 

Apparently, Chris Rock is doing a Saw movie, which seems to be a spin-off. Do we really need another Saw movie? I fell off after 4 when they threw out the story for maximum gore.

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