The SFF Week in Links: Star Wars, Pokemon, Black Widow Movie

Welcome to the Week in Links, a roundup of the latest articles for fantasy, sci-fi and horror readers and writers.

My feed was pretty much Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. I didn't include those links but if you have a Switch, just know a lot of games are on sale this weekend.

If you were watching anything yesterday, you probably saw the commercial where E.T. was reunited with adult Elliot. It's an ad for something, not an E.T. sequel, fortunately. It's still just wrong.

THE WALKING DEAD Teases Season 10B’s Upcoming Action THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Thanksgiving Teaser Uses “Duel of the Fates”
Disney cashes in on baby Yoda with crude online merch
Black Widow Movie Begins With The Character "In Crisis"
How to Take Beautiful Product Photos for Your E-Commerce Website

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