The SFF Week in Links: NYCC 2019, The Grudge, Fall Anime

Welcome to the Week in Links, a roundup of the latest articles for fantasy, sci-fi and horror readers and writers.

Comic-Con is in town and I'm not there. *Sigh*. I needed to save my money because I'm doing something else this month. Lots of talk about trailers and cosplay from NYCC. We'll probably have way more news next week since Comic-Con isn't over until Sunday.

Pokemon Sword and Shield did a 24-hour live stream that apparently had long stretches of time where nothing happened. Which, inspired people to take to Twitter to share some hilarious memes. I didn't pop in on the live stream but I enjoyed the memes.

Apparently, a new Grunge movie is coming out and I'm all for that!

Gemini Man Review
Gemini Man is a reason to go to an actual movie theater

New Pokémon revealed in 24-hour Sword and Shield stream appears to be a Galarian Ponyta
12 Steps to Make Awesome Video Content

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William Kendall said…
I've been to the local comic con here, but New York surpasses that by far.