What Were Your Favorite Moments from Stranger Things 3 (Spoilers)

SPOILER ALTER: This post containers spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3. I don't usually post spoilers but I wanted to do something different this time. Everyone's reviewed Stranger Things 3. This way is a bit more fun.

Don't you love how Netflix releases entire seasons all at once? I don't have to wait a week to find out what happens after an episode ends on a cliffhanger. And, I can finish an entire season in a day if I wanted to. Which I did. I know it was Forth of July but...it's Stranger Things 3.

Here are some of my favorite moments.

Joyce was Right, Again
Joyce is obsessed with find out why magnets around town weren't sticking. Hopper is salty because she stood him up to investigate this. She explains her theory but he's too mad to listen. Joyce thinks "it's" happening again. She wants to go to the old facility but Hopper is not interested. She goes on her own forcing Hopper to follow. The facility is empty. Hopper doesn't believe anything strange is going on in town until some Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike comes out of nowhere and beats him unconscious. Then he's a believer, once he wakes up.

At this point, people should just stop doubting Joyce. Assume she's right until proven otherwise.

Will the Wise
I was already impressed with Noah Schnapp (Will Byers). He showed his acting skills in season 2. Season 3 was something special.

The crew is all teenagers and Will is realizing they're drifting apart. Even worse, his friends seem okay with it. He runs to his hideout for comfort. He looks around at all the memories. Then he loses it. He rips drawings and breaks his hideout as he mourns the end of his childhood. Noah's acting was phenomenal. That was a powerful scene.

Hail to the Queen
We met Erica in Season 2 and I was not a fan. You'd think more of her wouldn't work. It shouldn't. She's a mouthy brat. But, it worked. When she's spitting her comebacks you want to snap and cry Yasss Queen! When the Scoop Troop is running around the underground facility like they were video game characters, Erica is the only one who noticed the radio room. She had maybe a second to look around but she sees it when everyone else is focused on not getting caught. That is some powerful observation skills.

At the Carnival
Alexei was such a pure, sweetheart. I wanted to reach into the screen and pinch his cheeks. I love him so much. He and Murray are enjoying the carnival while Joyce and Hopper are investigating. Alexei is having a marvelous time. When he won that Woody Woodpecker stuffed animal, he hit max cuteness.

Just look at that smile.

The writers were foreshadowing so hard in this scene. As soon as I saw Alexei's face, I was like, "these monster are going to kill him, aren't they?" Yup, they did. That was not my favorite part.

Finally Together (For a Second)
The crew spent most of the season spit up, investigating different but related mysteries. Finally, finally everyone is together close to the end of the season.

But it only lasts a few minutes. They split off again.

Props to Steve and Robin. They spent the entire season in their horrible work uniforms, and they didn't complain.

The Terminator is Terminated
For parts of the season, Hopper and Joyce are being hunted by an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike who takes beats like the Terminator. He was so annoying. I was so happy when Hopper finally defeated him.

These are only a few of my favs. Did you see Stranger Things 3? What were your favorite moments?


William Kendall said…
I have never seen the series.
I've only seen two episodes so far (I don't binge watch). But, so far, my favourite moment has been when Max's brother gets dragged off to the Upside Down. The racist-bully b-st-rd had it coming to him.
Auden Johnson said…
Yup, that guy was just the worst in season 2.