The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Week in Links 4/27/19: Avengers: Endgame Reviews, Men in Black, Godzilla

Welcome to the Week in Links, a roundup of the latest articles for fantasy, sci-fi and horror readers and writers. I included Endgame reviews for anyone who wants to read them. I barely looked at them. From what I can tell, people are satisfied with the movie. My brother called me at 2am just to share how excited he was about it. Haven't see any headlines saying it was terrible. Some reviews have spoilers. Some don't. The articles will say in the title or the first line.

Will Smith Hunts His Own Clone in GEMINI MAN Trailer
A Graphic Novel for All 22 Movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man: Far From Home Will Be the Final Film in Marvel’s Phase 3
‘Photographer’ Named One of the 25 Worst Jobs in the US

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William Kendall said…
I haven't caught it yet, but will be seeing it. I'm doing all I can to avoid spoilers!
Lydia said…
I really liked 5 Books Where the Hero Doesn’t Save the Day. It's pretty rare for that to happen.
Auden Johnson said…
Same. Too bad I can't avoid the internet until I see it.
Auden Johnson said…
It is. It's interesting when a story goes against the norm.