Horror Photography: The Unhaunted House

Old houses bring to mind rooms filled with vengeful ghosts or powerful demons. With peeling paint and overgrown yard, the building seems to tower over you likes its swelling, purposefully drilling fear into you. It feels alive.

I've created haunted stories in my head about the some houses in one Brooklyn neighborhood. Maybe it's not the buildings. The entire neighborhood is haunted. The first residence all did things, bad things. That negative energy clings to the houses, driving every resident to commit terrible acts. The foundations feeds on this energy. After so many years, it starts to crave it. If the house isn't fed, it starts to deteriorate. It reaches outside the walls to latch onto those passing.

I'm particularly obsessed with this house:

I think it's the columns and the Amityville house eyes.

With rotting exterior, I assumed no one lived there. But, it has a satellite dish. I've spotted one room lit up and filled with boxes but, I've never seen anyone walk in or out.

Maybe that light was calling me to enter.

This is the kind of house that inspires horror stories.

Neighborhood kids probably dare each other to break in They tell stories about the former owner who went insane and killed his entire family. Now, his ghost haunts the halls, searching for its next victim.

The house got a little creeper while under construction. That single light doesn't help.

Then it became so beautiful, it was difficult to imagine it ever being haunted.

It's so pretty now.

That's one epic transformation.

Why was it fixed up after so many years of neglect? Did this house compel someone to do it? Did it terrorize whoever owned the property. Now, since the house got what it wanted, the owner can get some peace except, they know what this place is at its core. They know what'll happen to the next resident.

Maybe, the house was acting out. It didn't like being abandoned. Now that it's pretty again, it can rest peacefully.


Maybe the house fixes or repairs itself, like in that movie from the 1970s Burnt Offerings based on the novel of the same name?
Auden Johnson said…
It is. They did good work.
Ankit Sethi said…
your post is so nice.
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