Another Blog Post On What Adults Shouldn't Read, *Rolls Eyes*

One annoying theme keeps popping up on the internet like weeds. To be an adult, you can’t read, watch, play, do certain things. The latest post to spit this garbage came shortly after Stan Lee’s death. The person couldn't understand why grown-ups were mourning a comic book writer. They said people read comic books as kids with the assumption that they’d graduate to adult stuff when they got older. Some comments on the post called those who disagreed with the author "man-children" who should be reading real books, a newspaper or Shakespeare. Other agreed that books with pictures are or children.

It’s like those people who say adults shouldn't read YA books, watch cartoons or play video games. I do all of the above and I’m 33 with 2 master degrees, not living in my parent's basement. I also enjoy the classics by Robert Browning, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Jane Austin...

Clearly, people who make statements like this only have experience with the child versions of those mediums. I wouldn’t call Family Guy or South Park children’s cartoons. Not to mention all the anime, technically not cartoons but people who don’t watch them consider them cartoons. People who say comics are for kids clearly haven't read Maus, Watchman and The Dark Knight Returns. Most comics published by EC Archives including Tales from the Crypt are definitely not for children. Then there's manga, which is a whole other subject. A ton of classic stories were turned into graphic novels.

Yes, YA books are written for a younger audience but they’re also written in a way that adults can enjoy them. The last 4 Harry Potter books were rough, even for me. In Six of Crows, I had to keep reminding myself the characters were all under 18.

I could say stop judging people's media habits. I could say stop putting down something you haven't thoroughly investigated. Don't make assumption period. But all those statements have been made over and over again. This belief that adults should only read, like, certain things is older than I am. At this point, I think people make those kinds of statement because it gets their content views and lots of comments. The only reason I didn’t include a link to the latest article.

If you enjoy comic books, anime, cartoons, video games, fantasy, romance, books… don’t let anyone make you feel bad for that. I used to get teased at school for reading too much The one great thing about social media is you have easy access to people who enjoy the same things you do. Instagram has a great community for bookworms. Go on Instagram and tell your story of how someone made you feel bad for reading too much or a certain book and see how many people come to your defense. Ignore the trolls and just do you.