The Blackwell Ghost Review: A Well Done Indie Horror Movie

I have an Amazon Prime subscription which means I can watch a lot of horror movies. I've been meaning to review more indie horror movie reviews since I watch so many of them. It's tough to find one I can actually finish.

Most indie horror movies on Amazon Prime are terrible. 3 stars is my marker. If it's less than that, the movie is unwatchable. If the movie is 3 stars, it's watchable. If it's more than that, even by half a star, then the movie is pretty good.

The Blackwell Ghost was one of those movies I kept passing. Don't really know why. It's rated 3.5 which isn't the best rating but that means you won't regret watching it.

The Blackwell Ghost was descent found-footage film. Not the best. More than watchable. Very suspenseful. It's a low budget film so not a lot of special effects. I'd prefer that. Some good indie horror/sci-fi films mess up because they throw in some terrible looking monster at the end.

I loved Man vs. but showing that awful CGI alien at the end nearly ruined the movie.

The Blackwell Ghosts had a pretty long lead-in. Most of it was set up but I wasn't bored. It actually got me to put down my tablet and pay attention. The ending made up for a slower beginning. The level of suspense was impressive.

Some movies like these go heavy with the jumpscares and they lose their impact. Then you have movies where you feel a jumpscare coming and know you're going to have a heart attack because of it. The Blackwell Ghost was like that. Fortunately, they didn't mess up the scene by inserting a jumpscare. It was well done.

The acting was good despite it being so low budget. The sound was clear too. There were really only 3 actors on camera and only one had most of the lines.

Fortunately, The Blackwell Ghost had mounted cameras as well as handheld ones meaning when the main character was running around, we weren't subjected to shaky cam.

The ending was unexpected. I would've liked more ghosts and a shorter lead-in but I'd watch this movie again. It left me with a lot of questions by the end so I get the 3.5 rating. Wish the movie was longer. If you're looking for a decent horror film for a lazy Saturday night, try The Blackwell Ghost.