Creepy Inspiration at Woodlawn Cemetery

Old cemeteries are fascinating. The tombstones and mausoleums are works of art. They put people and families into mini-mansions. It's also super creepy. I love, love horror so anything that can freak me out is fun. Old cemeteries are beautiful but man do they give good scares.

I usually visit Green-Wood Cemetery for inspiration but I wanted to go on an adventure over the weekend. Instead, I visited Woodlawn and it was great. The staff was really nice. They gave me free hot chocolate. It wasn't too cold on Saturday but it was cold enough and the hot chocolate helped a lot.

When I look at some of these graves, I wonder who these people were in life. Like this one:

It's a book. Looks like some religious book too. Who was this person to warrant such a tombstone?

I like this one because of the cool vines.

I don't even know what's going on here:

I came across a lot of nopes during my walk, too. Of course, I had to get closer and photograph it. No matter how creeped out I was.

This looks like something out of a horror movie.

And then there's this one. I mean, why set them like up like that? And in front of a stone arch too. And why does that one look half open?

Why does this look like a cradle?

Those trees are probably pretty in the spring and summer. In winter, they're just creepy.

This tree is something special.

It felt like I was bringing a curse down on me by taking this photo.

These were no better.

But the winner is this one:

It's just wrong on so many levels.