Unexplained Paranormal Mysteries from Around the Globe: The Methuen Water Demon

I was rewatching Markiplier play Kholat and it got me thinking. The game is based off an unexplained mystery in Russia. It inspired me to research other mysteries. They make for great stories. I like things that can't be explained. These mysteries could inspire a story.

Image Source: Castlevania-Blue Fangs 2 by GiuseppeDiRosso
The Martin family in Massachusetts noticed a damp patch on the wall in the den. While they watched, the spot got larger. It gradually grew until it sprayed cold water for few seconds before stopping.

The Martins couldn't figure out what caused the strange water spot. The next day, another spot in another location began to spray water. This too didn't last long. These phantom flowing water continued over several more days, happening throughout the house. It ruined floors and furniture.

Eventually, the Martins were forced to move into a relative’s house. This supposed water demon followed them. Mysterious water spots appeared through their new place of residence.  

They family pried open the walls and inspected them. They were dry. They checked the crawl space and the roof. They didn't find any leaks.

In the end, they returned original home and the water demon followed. 

Gradually, the phenomena lessened then stopped altogether without the Martin's doing anything. The family never discovered what caused the frightening activity. Some believe moisture build-up was the cause.

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