Photography and a Story: Fire in the Sky

Enjoy this dark fantasy scene inspired by images of the sunset. All images are mine. 

The sky was on fire. She never wanted the flames to go out. Bright orange lit the scene, casting a heavenly glow on the world.

Her heart squeezed then pounded. Her skin tingled. Even now, there was still beauty in the world. 

If only she could capture this, take it home and let it cast away the shadows determined to make her miserable. 

The scene was a perfect mixture of dark and light. Just like her. Why did people call this twilight magnificent but treat her like something ugly?

She used to despise this time of day. Its power was like hers only it was pretty. Unlike her. 

Once she got home, she'd find a way to recreate this scene. She'd use her powers to make something amazing. Then maybe she could have real friends. 

She inhaled. The tightness in her chest loosened. Light and shadow danced around her. They rose like  living things, attracted to her presence. 

Her name was Twilight. She stood between light and dark. She would make people see her true self. 

I love taking pictures of twilight but I'm rarely outside during that time. Since it gets dark earlier, I find myself walking my dog during sunset. I always have my camera on me now. Don't want to miss any great shots.

This little scene was something I wrote just for fun. I might turn this into a novel or short story. A character named Twilight sounds like a lot of fun. I'm already exploring the power of darkness in The Merging Series. Maybe it's light's turn.