Landscapes, Waterscapes & Inspiration

I always dreamed of taking those beautiful landscape shots. New York doesn't offer many chances for those kinds of photos unless I go upstate. I like cityscapes but I prefer shots with more green in them.

Although I love landscape photography, I have some trouble composing them. If you're taking a picture of an entire scene, how do you determine the subject? Sometimes finding the subject is easy. Other times, not so much. It gets tougher when you're taking a shot of something moving through your scene like a boat or a bird.

I still have a lot to learn but I'm getting there. These photos were taken on my trip to Bermuda.


I'm not an early riser but I got out of bed before 6am to take some photos of the sunrise. 

Getting sunset photos was easier. I just needed to be outside at the right time.

This island gave me some inspiration for my stories. Most of what Bermuda has is imported, the same with places in my stories. It gave me some ideas on how to handle my world and also how houses can collect drinking water from the rain. The buildings in Bermuda are made of limestone which seems to be pretty sturdy material. I decided to change one of the places in my story to a town made of limestone. 

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