My Creation Station: A Blog Hop

My writerly pals and I are letting you see where the magic happens. Welcome to Creation Station Blog Hop! We're sharing our work spaces and our dream offices. Find ideas, inspiration, and maybe some chuckles with a peek at my muse station. Then visit the awesome bloggers listed at the end of this post, who also invite you into their work space.

Welcome to my office!

For now, I work from home. My "office" is my living room. I'm hoping to continue working from home but the money's running out. I'm not giving up. Living your dream is never easy.

Not long ago, my work space was this:

One laptop for writing, one for carrying around and a desktop to do graphic design on. Why I had three computers is a long story.  I needed to streamline my work space. 

I bought a new toy. My 2-in-1 laptop. It's my baby. All the writing happens on this computer. It's also surprisingly good with Adobe products so I do a lot of Photoshop-ing on it. It's good with multi-tasking. I always have about five windows open.

Now, I'm down to 2 computers. I got another toy about a month ago. My other baby. 

It's never far from me just in case, my dog, Oreo does something cute...cuter. I should make a habit of putting it away. I dropped my last favorite camera in the sand. *sigh* It was never the same after that. Since then, I've lived in fear of dropping my camera. 

I still have my desktop. It's my pack mule. It holds all the photos, videos and designs I want quick access to but don't need on my laptop. Since the screen is so big, I watch most of my shows on it. 

For some reason, desks and me have always been enemies. I don't like working at desks which is why I curl up on my little couch.

Sometimes, Oreo curls with me. Depending on her mood, she can be company or an obstruction. Most of the time, she's fine sitting on the floor near where I work or on the couch beside me. Other times, not so much.

I can spend hours working in this chair with the Epic Soundtrack station playing on Pandora to get me pumped. The music also helps drown out my neighbors. They let their children run back and forth. It sounds as if the kids are wearing rocks for shoes. It's really annoying.

I've share this before. It's my world building wall.

I also like to put up quotes to encourage me. Sometimes the writing life can get to you. The map comes in handy the most. As I'm working on Book 3 of The Merging Worlds series, I've had to plot new communities on my map to understand where they are in relation to each other. The wall is for The Merging Worlds series. I do all the world building for my novellas in my head and in Evernote.

Recently, my Creation Station has been more digital, centered on my computer. I don't journal as often as I used to. I do note taking in Evernote. My publishing calendar is digital too, an Excel template. It's always open. I keep a list of blog topics in a separate spreadsheet.

I haven't totally switched to digital.

My dream work space is a room that has a window with a nice view and bookshelves that cover almost every wall. One of my shelves will have a secret passage or storage area behind it because why not. I'll need an old writing desk  to put my computers on and a nice couch to get some work done on. 
Image Source: Pearlworks Architectural Details

Image Source: Dying of Cute
I also love the idea being able to work outside without having to walk to the park. 
Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens
What's your dream writing space?

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