Blog Hop: Letter to My Younger Self

My writerly pals and I are sharing an open letter to a younger self. I spent days trying to think of what to write. Usually when I talk about my younger self, I mention being bullied and having a self-esteem that couldn't get any lower. This time around I really wanted to write about something not so serious. Turns out the message I would give my younger self is, "there's some light at the end of the tunnel."

Dear Auden Age 15,

Since you're into fantasy, supernatural and sci-fi books, it'll come as no surprise that I'm you 15 years in the future and I have come to you with a message...well, a couple of messages. Technology is taking over. Comic book movies and TV shows are exploding. Being nerdy is actually cool. Who knew?! 

Stop denying your inner nerd. You think you hate video games but you really, really don't. You'll grow up to spend an unholy amount of time catching, training and battling Pokemon on your Nintendo 3DS--Game Boy's big brother. You'll want to do back flips when you finally catch a particularly...difficult Pokemon.

People are being mean to you now but have hope. After the next 2 years, you won't see them again. You'll have adventures you never even dreamed of including living in England for 3 months and backpacking across Italy for 9 days.

I can see you giving this letter your disbelieving face, don't. Why would I lie to me? 

You'll move to New York, yes NY, and you'll find people who, get this, like your skin color. I know! Now, that's unbelievable. Once you go to college, you won't be called ugly. People will actually compliment your style. By the way, your style is not hip hop, it's goth hippie--a unique combination. I know you're feeling self-conscious about your lips now but you'll get over that and start wearing black lipstick. 

There's that face again. I know you. I'm telling the truth. You hit 30 with purple hair and a tattoo. You're still a bit quiet but you're okay with that...most of the time. Gotta be honest. 

And no, you still don't look your age. And yes, it still annoys you. 

Value your true friends not the ones you hang out with just so you won't be alone. If someone treats you like you're nothing, give them a smile and walk away like you just dropped the mic. By the time you hit 30, you'll be working on your second masters.

You know that writing thing you've been running away from? Stop running. It isn't worth it. Those stories are more stubborn than you are. You will become a published author. 

Writing will become a necessity. It'll be a way to unload when you think you have no one to talk to. Keep at it. You publish most of those stories. 

I see the glimmer of hope in your eyes. Don't fight it. The road ahead won't be completely without pain. Life can suck, but you know that already. Some things won't make sense but you'll stop being bullied, you'll be comfortable with yourself, you'll discover fun and your smile in England and your journey will bring you across some amazing, trustworthy,  people.

You may not see daylight now, but it's coming.

Peace from,


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