#BookLuvHop: Finding Comfort & Company in Books

I don't usually post on Sundays but it's Book Lovers' Day! How can I let that go by without doing something?! In honor of Book Lovers' Day, myself and some awesome writing buddies are talking about our love for books. This is my first Blog Hop. I'm super excited.

I've always been drawn to introverted characters. The ones that aren't popular, who have trouble making small talk, the super geeky ones that are fine spending hours by themselves reading. The single ones without many ex-boyfriends.

I've been "quiet" since middle school. I used quotes because I can talk your head off about subjects I'm passionate about. I have no problems doing presentations. When I'm with a group of people, I do more listening than talking.

For those quiet people, you may sometimes feel like there's something wrong with you. Why can't I talk like everyone else? I did when I was younger. I hated when people asked, "Why are you so quiet?"

That's where books came in.
I don't remember what the program was called but I got 5 Babysitters Club books in the mail every month when I was a kid. Mary Anne was my favorite.

I don't read a lot of sci-fi, but as you can see, A Wrinkle in Time got a lot of love.

I could not find my copy of The Silver Kiss. I am so upset. This is not a book I would throw away or give away. I need to find that book or buy another one. It needs to be in my collection. 

So, what do these books have in common? Why are they still so important to me? 

The main characters were introverts. They weren't at the top of the food chain at school. They let me know I wasn't alone. They were insecure about their awkwardness just like I was. As the invisible one in grade school, I often dreamed of dating the hot guy. The main characters got the guy, sort of. The ending of The Silver Kiss still breaks my heart.

Despite being quiet, unpopular and generally allergic to large gatherings, the characters weren't boring. They went on adventures. They overcame fears. They got the guy without pretending to be something they weren't. 

I looked up to Mary Anne from The Babysitters Club, Meg in A Wrinkle in Time and Zoe in The Silver Kiss. They were misfits just like me. Zoe had one friend. Meg didn't have any. Marry Anne showed me that despite being socially awkward, I could have friends who understood me.

People like to sleep on the quiet ones. These characters were badass in different ways. Their stories were an inspiration. 

Now I really want to re-read A Wrinkle in Time. A bit afraid I might further damage the book though. 

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