Advanced Facebook Tips for Authors

I did Twitter. Now, on to Facebook! My page is struggling. I have 549 likes but I lose one or two likes each week. My posts reach about 10 people on average. Engagement is 2 likes-no comments.

I keep hearing how Facebook is still the number 1 social network and how authors need to be on it. Facebook isn't working for me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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"Show PersonalityThrough a Dog’s Ear is a small 7-year-old company that makes music to help calm anxious dogs. Their Facebook page is filled with personal photos of the founder and her dogs."
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"Most people don’t have the time, energy, or desire to provide lengthy responses to complicated questions. But if they can comment in just a few short seconds, there’s a higher likelihood that they will. By asking simple questions that require just one- or two-word responses, you are sure to increase engagement."

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"Don't overwhelm your customers with content on Facebook, and be selective about what you're publishing. In other words, spend more time crafting better Facebook posts, and less time crafting a lot of Facebook posts."
It looks like Facebook is still "the place" to reach readers. It just requires a lot of work and creativity. You should find authors on Facebook and like their pages. If you've done your research, you should know what authors write books similar yours and/or what authors represent where you want to be in the future. I've noticed,though, many authors who write books similar to mine aren't on Facebook or they're on it but they don't post regularly.

This could mean something. I need to study Facebook more.

Social media marketing is about studying what others have done and making it your own.

Anne Rice is a Facebook champ. I'm a little known author so I can't expect to match her engagement numbers. She does something really interesting. She posts articles her fans send her, mentioning the fan. So simple. Great way to get people invested in your page.

Note: When you're searching for social media tips, look at articles posted within the last year.--better if the article was published the same year. Social media changes all the time. What worked in 2013 will probably not work in 2015.