The Week in Links 5/1/15 Beyond the Book, Age of Ultron, Vin Diesel

Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters!!!!! Finally. I will be seeing that tomorrow.

Variety: Watch: First Trailer for Vin Diesel’s ‘The Last Witch Hunter’
io9: Nightmare Video Game Turns Your House Into A Horror Movie—NOPE NOPE NOPE
The Galaxy Express: SFR Shindig: Hobbies and How They Relate To Diversity In SFR by KS Augustin
Fantasy Cafe: Women in SF&F Month: Karina Sumner-Smith
"The idea that women only write romance—and, by extension, do not write real science fiction or fantasy—was (and remains) ridiculous."
Writing Life and Publishing
First Person Plural: Sharing Your Stories: Beyond the Book

"This is why I try to help writers think beyond the book. Consider the story or message you wish to share, rather than focusing on the container. There has been so much aspirational focus on writing and publishing a book without consideration of the many other ways we can write, publish, and share ideas in the digital age."
Self Publishing Review: How to Write a Book Blurb
Thought Catalog: An Author Speaks Directly To Publishers: Kathrin Passig’s Commentary In Berlin
The Creative Penn: How To Record Your Own Audiobooks For ACX
Writer Unboxed: Unravelling The Ribbons of Your Story
Writer Unboxed: Inside the Mind of an Author a Week Before Her Book Publishes…

io9: The US Movie Adaptation Of Horror Manga Death Note Lands A Director
io9: First Look At X-Men: Apocalypse's Nightcrawler, Who Is Adorable
Mashable: Mark Ruffalo answers the sexist questions Scarlett Johansson usually deals with
Uproxx: Joss Whedon Says ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Rubbed The Folks Making Marvel Movies The Wrong Way The Folklore Origins of The Avengers

Book Marketing and Branding
Fiction University: Marketing and the Small Press
"The first thing writers should know is that no matter what, we still have a hand in marketing. It will be expected of us. We need to anticipate that and be prepared."
Publishing Perspective: It's all about the fans 
Buffer Social: The 12-Step Social Media Checklist
Wordserve Water Cooler: Linking Your Social Media Platforms
Book Promotion: How to Use Pinterest on Your Author Website