Print Books Will Live Forever

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

You know you're bookish when a new shelf makes you happy. I was surrounded by books. They were in piles on the floor and on a table.  I've shown you these pictures before.

My shelves were overflowing. I hated searching for a book. I could never find it when I needed it. But, there was something comforting about book mountain. 

My dad built a shelf for me so I could get my books off the floor. 

*Swoon* I can't stop staring at it. I like this better than book mountain.

The difference is amazing. My living room looks bigger. 

I like ebooks as much as the next person. I enjoy scrolling through my Kindle library and seeing all those covers. I also like sitting in a room and being able to see my book collection without pulling out a device. Print books won't die. They're evolving to become collectibles.