Writing Haven

It's always fun to see other authors' workspace. It's a peak behind the curtain. The workstation isn't just for writing. It's comfort. It's inspiration. It's mine--my refuge.

I have 3 computes. Yes, 3.
The desktop (HP Touchsmart), which is the fastest one, is for Adobe Creative Suite and internet. It doesn't have Microsoft Office. I use the small laptop (Dell Duo) for working on-the-go. At first, I only had the larger laptop (Dell Inspiron). It was a pain to carrying around. The Inspiron is now for writing at home. It's pretty much a desktop since the battery died months ago. I've been meaning to replace it. The screen size and the keyboard are perfect even if the laptop moves a bit slow. 

Most of the time. I'm going back and forth between the HP and the Inspiron Sometimes, I'll be writing on my laptop and need an image for inspiration. So, I shift to my desktop. Or, I'm writing a blog post on my desktop and I need Word to check it. So, I switch to my laptop. 

Drop Box helps a lot. I've had moments where I'm working on one computer and realize a file I need is one another computer. Instead of pulling out the external harder drive or the flash drive. I copy and paste the file into Drop Box. I highly recommend Drop Box. All my stories are saved there as well as an external hard drive. I work on my stories in Drop Box-- no matter which computer I use, I'm editing in the same document.

I also have a tablet with Office on it. I haven't gotten into using that for working on stories. I don't like most tablet keyboards. Drop Box, which has an app, needs Wi-Fi to open files. I don't want to save a separate file on my tablet.

I've thought about getting one computer that does everything I need. That would be boring. I like having three computers. 

Here's my World Building Wall. 
 Beside it is my world map. I often consult both while writing, especially the map. Sometimes, while editing, I'll come across a place name and have to check the map to see where it's located. Or, if it's not plotted on the map, I'll add it.

The boards have quick reference sheets like rules for the characters' powers, a list of characters and their personalities, the meaning of colors, pictures of weapons. I plan to add characters and appearances. With about 30 characters, that's going to take a while.

Some inspirational image are to the side. Life as a published author can get a little heavy. The quotes are a reminder of why I'm doing this. I made most of them.

To give the room a writer-ly feel, I'm surrounded by piles of books. I have two shelves, but they're full. 

I love ebooks, but there's something comforting about being surrounded by books. If I didn't have one of these things in my writing space, I'd feel like something was missing.