Adventures in Instagram

Having trouble mastering Instagram? It's a whole different animal. When I start a new social media, I observe, understand the landscape, while I dip my toe in. I could not get the hang of Instagram. Probably because when you see social media tip for authors, Instagram usually isn't included. I always come across blogging, Twitter and Facebook tips. I had to research Instagram best practices. Here are some links that got me started. Hope they help you as well.

Instagram For Authors – Using The Popular Picture App To Gain More Readers
"Think about who else would follow a book blogger on Instagram besides another author? That’s right, readers! You can look at a bloggers follower list and follow people you think might be interested in your books, I’ve made a few sales and gained some great, interactive followers through this method, including people who not only buy my book, but go on to find me on Facebook and twitter and follow/like me on those sites as well."
Instagram Best Practices for Brands
 "Create a theme for your content and be consistent. Constant product placement is not a theme."
26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business
"Kay Tan put together a list of 20 apps that will enhance your photo-sharing experiences. There are apps that let users print images, search tags and keywords, subscribe to Instagram profiles via email, download all Instagram photos in a single archive folder, plus many more.

Use these apps to make Instagram a significant part of your social media marketing strategy."
Authors to Follow
Ten Authors and Publishers to Follow on Instagram


I looked at other authors on Instagram and made a list of common hashtags. 
#booklover/ #booklove
#fangirl/ #fanboy
#read/ #reading

You can apply this method to your other interests. For instance, you like nature photography. You search for "nature" and make a note of the other hashtags that goes with each image. 

So far, I'm getting some good engagement despite being such a newb. They're in the single digits and I'm real happy for those engagements this early on. For those who've been on social media long know when you start a new network, you can go for months feeling like your're talking to yourself.


Tomorrow, 10/25, is the last day to get Visible Through Darkness for free. For the first time, I'm having success with book quotes and image quotes! Since the ebook's free for five days, I didn't want to keep sharing the Amazon link and the book cover over and over. Instead, I created a few image quotes. I'm sharing different ones across different social social networks--Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Here are a few:

I've never tried this before. People are engaging with the posts. I won't know how it effects the promotion until Sunday. I make a point to not look at how many people download the book until the promotion is over.

Another interesting thing. Visible through Darkness has had a 6 digit ranking in Paid in Kindle Store since its release. It's free and the book gets two digit rankings in two other categories! The same thing happened to Devdan Manor. It actually made it to the Top 10 in Ghosts & Haunted Houses. The rankings didn't last once the promotion was over, though. Still, this feels real nice.