New UK Harry Potter Covers

Yesterday, GalleyCat revealed  the new covers for all seven Harry Potter books.

"Bloomsbury Children’s Books will publish new editions of JK Rowling’s wildly successful Harry Potter books on September 1st." GalleyCat

They look amazing! I love the illustrations. The font has that sort of story book feel. The colors are more vibrant. I especially love how magic is illustrated.

The funny thing is, Harry is on the cover of all 7 books, but he doesn't get older. Also, they reveal a bit too much about the story. The books' endings are on the covers. Maybe this updated version is more for people who've already read the series.

As some looking to get into the publishing industry, I'm a little worried. We've already had new Harry Potter covers. These newer covers aren't for a special celebration, at least I don't think so. This is a "we want more money" kinda thing. The series has 7 books, 8 movies, 2 theme parks and a boat-load of merchandise. Does it really need more of our money? Come to think of it, the publishing industry hasn't had a blockbuster book in a while. I'm worried they'll bleed Harry Potter so much, it'll lose its magic.

Check out the new covers!

Harry Potter Book Covers Revealed