Do We Still Need A Facebook Brand Page?

Recently, I've come across more posts about people ditching Facebook. I just read a convincing article, Closing the Facebook, about why Facebook is no longer useful. The comments show people are focusing more on sites like Google+ and Twitter.

On the other side, I have people in the publishing industry saying Facebook is still the best way for authors to reach readers. Engagement on the social network is amazing for authors like Anne Rice, Joe Abercrombie and Neil Gaiman.

So far Facebook hasn't driven much traffic to my blog or other social networks. I don't bother with paying to boost posts anymore. For me, it didn't increase page likes or engagement. Links to my blog posts always reach the least amount of people-4 or 5.

I have 253 likes. On average, my posts reach about 7-10 people maybe 15. My Tumblr page drives more traffic to this blog and I've only been on that site a month, if that.

Still, I'm not planning to jump ship just yet. Like I said earlier, publishing professionals believe Facebook is best for reader engagement. Honestly, I get more engagement from Google+. However, more people are on Facebook. It works for best-selling authors.

I'm thinking I should be on Facebook, but it isn't something I should spend too much time on. I don't know if a Facebook page is useful for someone who doesn't have a loyal fan base.

What do you think?