The Full Moon's Power

Friday the 13th. A horror lovers dream. To make this day extra chilling and  fun, there's going to be a full moon tonight. According to articles, we won't see a moon like this until 2049. Friday the 13th and werewolves- in one day. Come on! How awesome is that. Wouldn't be surprised to see some bats about. This would be the worst (or best) day to visit a haunted house.

The moon will officially turn full at 4:11 Universal or Greenwich Mean Time (12:11 a.m. EDT) on June 13th. So, if you live in the Atlantic or Eastern Time zones of the United States and Canada, the full moon will indeed occur on Friday. However, if you live farther to the west and your clock observes Central, Mountain or Pacific Time, then the moon will turn full on the previous day …Thursday, the 12th. (Full Moon Rises Early for Friday the 13th: Live Webcast Tonight)
I might check this out. I love a full moon. I can't help but stare every time I see one. There's something fascinating, inspiring, haunting about a full moon.

"It was said that witches spells and incantations were performed in the nights with full moon, because that moon was believed to bring a major influence on human body and mind. Sometimes, witches could be seen flying in the night skies marked by full moon. Black magic and devil worship were, they say, usual activities in the full moon nights."

"Over the centuries, people have associated the full moon with the paranormal and supernatural. It would seem that the full moon phase can be a very favorable time to ghost hunt." 

"The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents, birthrates, fertility, and werewolves, among other things. Some people even buy and sell stocks according to phases of the moon, a method probably as successful as many others."

"In astrology the Moon, whether male or female, is seen as having great power. Astrologers spend part of their time predicting what the effects of that power will be on human and terrestrial activity. Astrologers encourage people to observe the power of the planets to do things at certain times- when the stars are propitious. Inevitably, this leads to speculation to whether the same power can be harnessed. At this point astrology tips over into Magic."