Writing Inspiration: Cursed Objects

You always hear about haunted houses. You don't hear often about cursed objects. io9 wrote an interesting post about them.
7 Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

"The Woman from Lemb Statue

 Originally made around 3500 B.C.E. in Cyprus and then found in 1878 in Eastern Europe, this statue has killed so many people its often referred to as "The Goddess of Death." Supposedly, the first owner was a Lord Elphont, whose seven-member family all died within six years of Elphont receiving the statue. The Woman from Lemb was then acquired by Ivor Manucci, who died along with his entire family within the next four years. Then it went to a Lord Thompson-Noel. He and his family died. The statue disappeared for a bit, but its next confirmed owner was Sir Alan Biverbrook, who wife and two daughters shortly croaked. With two sons left, Biverbrook wisely donated the damn thing to the Royal Scottish Museum.

Thomas Busby's Chair
Do you have a favorite chair in your home? Consider cursing it after you die so no one else can sit on it without dying. That's what Thomas Busby did in 1702, right before he was executed for strangling his father-in-law to death for — you got it — sitting in his chair. Supposedly 63 people who have sat on the chair met untimely deaths, sometimes mere hours after plopping their keister on Busby's beloved chair. In 1972, the Thirsk Museum actually had to suspend it from the ceiling to prevent people from committing suicide by chair." Read more here.
These can provide some amazing inspiration for your horror story. It's interesting to learn how people believe these object became cursed and what they do to people. You can write an awesome story with just one of these.