Writing Nook

I don't like "normal" chairs. Don't know why. I just don't like them. I'm not the writer who goes to coffee shops and the library because they're not comfortable. I usually write at a low table sitting cross-legged in my bowl chair. When it's warm, I grab a blanket and write in Prospect Park by the lake.

I live in Brooklyn, NY- the home of the writer. We have some gorgeous places to write. The New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library's main branches are amazing...to look at. Still have to work in an uncomfortable chair. If they added some cool couches or a spot on the floor for working- I'd be all over that.

Image sources: DigsDigs
I love being surrounded by books. It would be awesome working in these rooms.
Image Source: Curbed NY 

How cool would it be to writer here? Talk about inspiration. Yes, that is a bookshelf and a computer. 
Image Source: Architizer
This is an actual library. Why can't there be more places like this?!
Julian Street Library at Princeton University
What's your dream writing nook? 

Image source: blog.uncovet.com