Author Talk [Video]

The video of of me talking about my writing life and reading a passage from The Sciell is ready. Well... it's shareable. Sort of.

I mentioned I was editing the video from my author talk. My camera recorded a lot of crowd noise, which drowned out my voice. I had to find some way to lower the crowd volume without touching my voice.

It was harder than I thought. All the forums on Adobe Audition told me it was impossible to reduce crowd noise. I was getting more than a little frustrated. Several times I had to step away  from this nightmare because I wanted to break something.

After awhile, I knew enough about the noise reduction process in Audition to play with it myself. I couldn't remove the crowd noise or other background noises altogether, but I fixed it so you can at least hear me. This is only 6 minutes of the author talk. I have other videos of the talk, which need some help. I'll see what I can do with those.

Well, I learned something new in the process. I owned but never touched Adobe Audition and Premiere. Now, I have a basic understanding of them. I now I know my awesome computer can handle running two even three Adobe products at one time. Adobe is expensive, but if you can afford Adobe Creative Suite. I highly recommend it.