Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips [Video]

It's Christmas time and tourists are flocking to NY to see our awesome decorations and to go shopping. NY knows how to do Christmas!

But tourist, watch this video first. We love you. We'll help you if you ask, but please know NY is like another world. We do things a little different. This video is hilarious. Loved the puppet with the accent.

My favorite line "get out of the way."

You know what' really)...about walking in NY? Walking on a crowded street behind a group of people who stop suddenly because they're lost. The ten of them (because tourists travel in packs) stand in the middle of the already crowded sidewalk while they figure out where to go. What's even more fun. A tourist walks through the turnstile to go in or out of the subway and stops- right in front of it- because they don't know where to go. Awesome.

Remember, New Yorkers walk fast, really fast and we will get irritated if you don't. If you aren't going to walk fast, move to the side. Don't walk in the middle of the sidewalk.

Another thing I keep telling people, you don't come to NY because you want regular food. Just because there's a McDonald's nearby doesn't mean you need to go there. NY has some awesome equally unhealthy and inexpensive food you won't find anywhere else.