Movie Review: Riddick

Riddick was more like Pitch Black 2 though it did touch on what happened in The Chronicles of Riddick. It mentioned a character from Pitch Black and it went over my head, at first, since I hadn't seen that movie in awhile. Before seeing Riddick, you should brush up on the first movie of this franchise.

The first half of Riddick was like reading a book with a long exposition at the beginning. We only heard what was in Riddick's head since he spent most of the movie by himself. I'm not a huge fan of internal monologues. I need some character interaction. Aptly named, this movie was all about Riddick.

The other characters were there to make him look cool. They didn't add much else. Most were annoying. All were forgettable. Fortunately, Riddick is a strong enough character to carry a movie by himself. Out of all the movies from the franchise, this one focused a lot more on him.

As a dark fantasy writer, I'm always blown away by amazing world building. Riddick had it. I was most intrigued by the creatures.
That dog/hyena did me in. Those monsters with the weird tails had to have been one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I love unusual creatures and this movie definitely had them. It was all about Riddick, the creatures and the landscape.

The advanced tech wasn't too heavy. Like everything else, it was something fun to look at.

I know Riddick is supposed to be this savage, but I felt so bad for him. This man was injured so many times that even I felt the pain. Like seriously, what is he made of?! The movie wasn't unrealistic about it, though. He didn't get a serious injury and just shake it off like it was nothing.

This is a good movie to watch when you don't want to think about anything. It was violent without being over the top with it. The gore was manageable. The plot basic. It wasn't anything too grand. Not much in the way of character development, but it was enough to hold my attention for about an hour and a half. Riddick didn't blow me away. All I wanted was a fun night out at the movies and that's what I got. The Riddick franchise didn't gain or lose anything by adding this movie.