To The Master of Horror

image credit: H.P Lovecraft by AbigailLarson
“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”—H.P. Lovecraft

I share the same birthday month as H.P. Lovecraft! Excuse me while I pass out. 

This is what's so amazing about books. Lovecraft has been dead for over 70 years and we still celebrate his birthday. I mean, I just had to write a post today. He's one of my favorite authors. He inspired my writing style. I've marked up his stories so much you can barely see the texts. The pages are even falling out. I love exploring fear of the unknown/darkness in all my stories. His stories have the most amazing monsters. 

image credit:  Mike Bukowski
Check out an amazing look at his life and how he still influences art.

The Horror Writer Whose Stories Influenced Stephen King's Novels, 'Prometheus,' Batman's Arkham Asylum and Countless Other Works - And You May Never Have Heard of Him Before

Here's how people are celebrating his birthday.
Wanting to give the writer his due, fans of Lovecraft are holding this month what they say is the largest celebration ever of his work and influence. It’s billed as the NecronomiCon — named in tribute to a Lovecraft book that gained a reputation for being especially dark and terrible. The convention — this Thursday through Sunday — is being held in Providence, where he lived before dying poor and obscure in 1937; he was just 46....
This week’s conference will include walking tours of Lovecraft’s old haunts, the unveiling of a new Lovecraft bust at one of them, the Providence Athenaeum, and panel discussions on his work, even the negative aspects. He was steeped in the past and suspicious of change; he was also racist and anti-immigrant, themes reflected in his stories including “The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”(The Washington Post)
If only I had the money, I'd be there. This sounds awesome!

This event has passed, but it sounds pretty cool.
The elder gods and ancient pre-human races of pulp-horror scribe H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos are capable of far more than just bringing madness, death and destruction. As evidenced by the first Cthulhu Callinglast year, they also inspire a variety of Nashville-based artists to create imaginative, provocative and even humorous art of unspeakable, unnamable horrors. With more than 13 artists participating this year, including several who are new to the show, more gibbering madness is sure to result. In addition to the artwork, a program of Lovecraft-inspired films will be showing in the Cult Fiction Underground theater. (Cthulhu Calling 2: A Lovecraftian Art Show)

Check out some of Lovecraft's chilling covers. I'd never seen any of these before.

Celebrate H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday With 20 of His Creepiest Book Covers

Ever wanted to see the inside of Lovecraft's mind? Here's a creep-tastic video for you.

Got you in the mood to read some Lovecraft? Go here :)
The HP Lovecraft Archive: His Writings

Cheers to the man who still inspires horror and fantasy lovers everywhere!


Michael Brookes said…
Good post - Lovecraft is one of the great horror writers of all time.
Kelly Hashway said…
Very cool that you share the same birthday. :)
William Kendall said…
Definitely creepy!

Now that he's been dead for seventy years and still gets that kind of response, it's safe to say he's well and firmly established as a classic.
Auden Johnson said…
Totally agree. He's now seen as an author who defines the horror genre. So sad all this happened after he died.