Book Sensitivity

We open a vein and pour our blood into our stories. Not something we can help. If we don't put everything in it, the story won't possess readers. This is all, slightly, romantic and all, but there's a down-side. We can become defensive to criticism. My book has gone through beta readers, my publisher, an editor and now it's back to my publisher, Aubey LLC, who pointed out something I should change. 

First of all, I said awhile ago I was going the self-publishing route. This is still true, sort of. My book will say "published by Aubey LLC," but I'm going about the process as if I'm self-publishing.

Anyway, I thought I had reached a point where criticism no longer affected me. I mean, I'd been doing well so far. I'd been looking forward to the editor's comments because I wanted someone to rip into my story. But, as soon as my publisher suggested changes, my stomach and chest knotted. My skin felt like it was on fire. It took nothing to get my hackles up.

This bothered me. I mean it really bothered me.

I'll ask you, do we ever get past being defensive about our books or is it we just get better at reacting to criticism? Do we reach the top of that mountain or do we simply get better at climbing it? I spoke with another published author who said it's not something we get over.

What say you?


Unknown said…
I belong to two critique groups and we each meet once per month. It gets easier for me each time a suggestion is made. I think that's because I can see change requests which make sense and I can see the ones which I consider my personal style.

I don't accept style changes, only changes for clarity and/or plot holes, etc.

Each of us has our own style and voice after many years of writing and re-writing, and nobody should expect you to alter it. That may be why it seems we don't ever get over it.

Really, Diane? Really?

Yes, really. :D
William Kendall said…
I think we tend to think of our writing as, well, our children, so of course we'll tend to feel defensive about it at times.