Review: Star Trek: Into the Darkness

I'm not a Trekky and I don't usually go for hard sci fi but I loved Star Trek: Into the Darkness. The visuals were awesome. This was a movie made for the big screen or some super expensive TV. It was just so amazing to look at. I didn't see it in 3D but I'm thinking this one has some good 3D moments.

This is how a summer movie is supposed to be. I mean Star Trek had so much drama, so many explosions, so many fight scenes. You know the phrase "edge of the seat action?" This one had it times ten.  It even started with a visually stunning action scene. It definately workd the theartre's sound system. I could feel it everytime someone got punched. It didn't have one dull moment. And, it had a good story.

There was an over-arching plot but the story focused more on character motivations, friendship, loss, honor etc. And, it was funny. This movie is proof that good dialogue is so important to a story. I especially enjoyed any scene where Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto ) interacted. The back and forth between those two was always sharp. All the characters were amazing and funny. The character development was believable. I can't think of a single plot hole.

Star Trek was one of those movies where you had to love the villain. He was a bastard  but he wasn't a carbon cut-out. He wasn't mean just to be mean. He owned up to what he was- "a savage." Star Trek had another "villain." I didn't feel sorry for him. He was mean but, in his mind, he was doing something noble. The movie had the best kind of bad guys. They weren't black and white. They had depth just like any other character.

The last movie I purchased was The Dark Knight Rises. I may be buying this one when it comes out.