Review: Iron Man 3

For some reason, I went into this movie thinking it would be like Transformers. Great action, awesome tech and no story. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. Iron Man 3 had a great story.  I didn't like Iron Man 2. This one was much better.

The movie was more "Tony Stark" than Iron Man. Tony spent more time fighting outside of the suite then in it which is an interesting angle. It may also come off as counterproductive since the movie is called "Iron Man." It seemed to play off the question- Who is Iron Man-the suite or the man inside it? Not a bad angle. 

I felt so bad for Tony. He was beat up emotionally and physically. At one point, I was wondering what he was made of. I mean, how could he take such a beating and still walk away from it- not unscathed- but you get what I mean.

There were a lot of instances where Iron Man 3 didn't explan why things were happening. It gave you either a one sentence or a one scene clue. If you missed either then, you could be lost.  A lot of reviewers saw them as plot hole. One I would agree with was, in Avengers, Tony's armor held up against Thor's hammer. In the end of Iron Man 3, a bunch of super-humans were tearing his armor apart.

The movie didn't explain if the quality of the armor decreased or if these super-humans were really super. That being said, it didn't destroy the story for me. This wasn't something I thought about while watching the movie. Although, I would've liked a bit more backstory on the villain and how his fiery minions were created.

It did have those epic moments that had me grinning, especially at the end but if you're looking for Avengers 2, you might want to dial down you expectations. This movie was good but it wasn't as good as Avengers. It still had the character development and the humor but it didn't have the right cast to recreate the witty banter and awesome character interactions Avengers had. The battle at the end wasn't as grand as the one against Loki. 

From the reviews, I've notice people saying this one was a spit on the comics. I didn't read the original story so I have no idea. As with all book/comic turned to movies, we need to separate the two. Judge it for what it is and not compare it to the original. I understand how fans of the comic would be angry at a movie that messed up the story they loved.

But, as I said in another review, when is the movie as good as the original? When has it stayed true to the original? I usually left Harry Potter disappointed and annoyed. I had to keep telling myself this wasn't the book. Only then did I realize, they were good movies. 

People are talking about Iron Man 3 like it was the worst movie ever. I don't agree. The ending, though, was a little weird. Don't really know what to make of it. 

If you were already going to see the movie, don't let the reviews convince you to skip it. I was having a bad day on Saturday but after seeing Iron Man 3, my spirits were lightened. For me, that's one sign of a good story. It makes you feel better as if the story reached through the medium, grabbed hold of whatever was bothering you and magically lightened it. 

I know I usually talk about whether or not a move was worth a watch in 3D. This time, I couldn't shell out the extra bucks. I would say don't spend the extra money. I can't see how this movie would be better in 3D. 

A good start to the Summer Movie Season. Looking forward to Star Trek: Into the Darkness.


  1. I like your analysis that is Iron Man the suit or the man in the suit. If you remembered, that discussion came about in Avengers when Captain America asked Iron Man if he had ever fought anyone without the suit. Can't wait to see it.

    1. Good catch! I forgot about his argument with Captain America.

  2. I saw the movie too, and as a comics fan, I quite enjoyed it. I do know some of the concerns that have been spread- about twists the plot takes and different angles, but I thought it worked just right.

    Excellent review!

    1. Interesting. I wonder then if people really hate it as much as these reviews lead us to believe. Thanks William :D

  3. I watched Iron Man 3 this past weekend and LOVED it. However, I would not see it in 3D. Iron Man kept a story line I could follow.

    1. I don't even why they have in it available in 3D. That seems really pointless. The visuals are great as it is.

  4. I haven't seen any of the Iron Man movies. I'm very behind.


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