2013 NY International Auto Show

All those shiny, gorgeous cars make me so happy. I almost missed it this year. That is so unlike me. I'd been going through my email and happened to come across a newsletter for the NY Auto Show. I knew the time was coming soon- or so I thought. Turns out, the dates were March 29- April 7. I read this the night of April 5. Seriously. I stared at the screen for a good minute going, how could I not know this.

 Anyway... made it!

And just like last year, the auto show nerd it out.

I had such a hard time taking these pictures without people in them. The one thing about the show in NY is...

So. Many. People. You have to take a picture in under, like, a second. That's all the time you have before someone parks themselves in front of you and leans against the car for a twenty minute photo shoot. I exaggerate but you get the point.

What I'm curious about, though, is how in the world they perched that Corvette on the wall.

This thing is several feet above the ground and it's not sitting on anything. What, did they like Gorilla Glue the tires? *I know they didn't but still...*

Don't know what to make of this monster but it is awesome to look at.


  1. Glad you didn't miss it. Yay for Bumblebee!

    1. I still get excited when I see the yellow Camaro!

  2. This is an awesome combination of art and technology. I especially love the Wonder Woman car.^_^

    1. I never thought of it that way but it is art ;)

  3. That blue on the Superman car looks spectacular on a corvette. A friend of mine has one, that's how I know. You didn't think I could afford a corvette?


  4. I know a Wonder Woman fan who'd love that car!


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