Fantasy and Photoshop

I've been having like a nerd- week. It's awesome. In the post, "Writing is About Giving Your Blood" (TAP!), I said I attended a publishing conference in Orlando. There, I won a year subscription to Adobe Creative Suite. I was like okay- I'd never won anything. This is cool.

I didn't realize what this actually meant until I got my membership info and signed in to Adobe Creative Cloud. Then, I had a full on freak out when I saw all the products I could now use, for free, for a year.

Photoshop was my first stop. Since I'm a more visual person, I plan to use it for World Building. I tried creating a bust of one of my characters just to see if I could. Turns out, it was a bit over my head. So, I went smaller.

Nothing to do with my story but it is fantasy related. This is three images and going into it, I didn't know if it would work. I put an image under the door then cut out the black space between the bars. 
This took forever. After a while, my eyes started going cross but, I like this kind of work- repetitive, takes all your concentration. Everything in me focused on this. It was a great way of relaxing my overactive mind. I had another awesome freak out when the fiery scene underneath unfolded the more I cut.

The next one was a lot harder but so much fun. I'm still working on how to blend images seamlessly into the background. I played around a lot with Blending Options and the eraser. Google helped but not by much. Mostly, I found information on things I already knew how to do. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out but there's still room for improvement. I'll figure it out eventually.


Unknown said…
Awesome work, Auden! I love Photoshop. You've done a great job with these images. I love the fiery scene inside the gate. :) cool
DOMINO said…
Looks good to me, you're definitely doing a good job!
mrs.which said…
Amazing! I love photos like this! They totally get my imagination running :)
Kelly Hashway said…
I don't have Photoshop. I'd love it too much and waste most of my day playing around with it. ;)
William Kendall said…
I'd spend a lot of time playing around with it too. Nicely done, Auden!