Dark Skies Review

I bet aliens in a galaxy far, far away are looking at our movies going these humans think we're douche-bags. Had to get that out. Anyway, if you've read my reviews before you know I don't go into movies with high expectations. As long as I'm entertained and forget about the world outside the theater, the movie's a winner.

The trailer for Dark Skies told me nothing so I wasn't expecting much. It looked horror-y so, I decided to give it a chance. Still, I didn't know if it was an alien abduction movie or a horror flick.

Turns out, it is freaking fantastic! I haven't been this excited about a movie since Sinister. It's both sci-fi and horror. It has the feel of a haunted house story but with aliens instead of ghosts or demons.

The acting was amazing, the plot was brilliant even the scares were on point. It had me jumping out of my skin. It wasn't like a Paranormal Activity type jump. I mean I felt like I lost half my life. It almost pulled a little yelp from me. I had to give the movie a "well played".

It's a shame they didn't do more promotion for this one. I wasn't even worried about the tickets being sold out or being a little late. I knew the theater wasn't going to be packed. I try to stay on top horror news and from what I noticed, there wasn't any buzz around Dark Skies.

The only reason I knew about this one was because, out of boredom, I started browsing upcoming movies through the IMDb app and watching the trailers of ones I was curious about.

Pity. The theater should not have been empty. Dark Skies was that good. From the reviews I read, I wasn't the only one surprised at how amazing it was.

They don't make horror like they used to. They definitely don't make them like Dark Skies anymore. I'm not a fan of slasher flicks or creature features but even still, they used to release more of those types of movies then atmospheric ones. Are people watching less horror movies?

For me, I don't read horror anymore because I was tired of picking up books that were supposed to be so terrifying and have them turn out to be so not scary. They were well written but they didn't even give me a little chill. If the horror story didn't scare me then, it didn't do its job. But, I'm always game for a good horror movie. So, what do you think? Why are there less good horror movies being released?