World Building and Photoshop

In my last post, Writing a Dark Fantasy Series, I said I was playing with Abode Photoshop to help me visualize my world. My first two tries were a miss. I wanted to make a birds-eye view of my villages but that was a big undertaking for someone who's never used Photoshop.

So, I went small. In my second novel, one of my characters had a house built for all his siblings to, hopefully, live in. Thanks to Diane Carlisle's awesome suggestion, I'm gonna share some of my work. Here's what I imagined his house and property to look like.

I now understand why Photoshop is so dangerous. The things you can do to a picture are amazing. Just for fun, I think I'll create some of my characters' faces.

I'm using the trial version of Photoshop. This software is pricey and I ain't got it like that. However, I have no intention of giving this up. I'm gonna save some money cause I'm buying me some Photoshop. Using it is a lot of work- this little picture took about 5 hours to do- but it's so fun and helpful.


  1. This is kind of cool and creepy.

  2. Definitely sounds like I could lose a lot of time playing with this. ;)

  3. You have my attention now! I want to see inside that creepy house. :D

  4. I like this idea of using Photoshop. I use Pinterest to gather a collection of images for inspiration when writing.

  5. I think I'd lose a lot of time doing that!

    I spend a lot of time ferreting through pictures of architecture if I'm thinking of a fictional building, or pictures of the actual places, when I'm writing about a real spot.


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