Finding Me...Again?

My mother, Deborah Johnson, published her first book! Awesomeness. It's called Finding Me...Again?-a poetry book/autobiography. It's amazing and I've never been into poetry like that. She self-published it through CreateSpace. When she got the print version in the mail, she told me she mauled the packaging. Wished I could've seen that. It had to have been epic. I told her she should've had someone video her and post it on YouTube.
 This book is for all who love poetry and flowers. It is also for those who are going through a major shift in life and career. We've all been somewhere and have gone through something. Now, after all that, what's next? We decide. Read and be encouraged and enjoy. Poetry is still alive!

To read some poems found in the book, you can go to Aubey LLC. Did I mention they are amazing ;)


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