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This is why I love the time we're in. Anyone can be a publisher. I'd heard about often enough but never knew what it was. I figured it was more like a white paper- only certain people could create one. I subscribed to one Best Tweets for Writers Daily. It gives me awesome information on writing and getting publish straight to my mailbox but I still had no idea what this platform was. is:
"a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily." (
I love organizing information and creating resources list so I was excited about this one. I can gather content from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS feeds and YouTube, have them organized and presented through The platform updates itself so the newspaper is low maintenance.

I don't read newspapers, print or online, but I do read and enjoy Best Tweets for Writers Daily so, I was super excited about creating my own paper.

I wanted it to be about writing Dark Fantasy but, as it turns out, there aren't any resources focusing on this genre. I knew this already when I created the Dark Fantasy Writing Resources page but I'd hoped things had changed. They hadn't.

Dark Fantasy is a fascinating genre. It's not new but people are still struggling to define it. My stories aren't horror or fantasy but somewhere in the middle. My character's aren't good or evil. They're anti-heroes- existing in that grey area. I love to explore Darkness- physical and mental. This is Dark Fantasy at its core.

I complied resources dealing with Horror, Fantasy and Writing. Finding content focusing on Horror writing and books was just as headache inducing as searching for good Dark Fantasy resources. Don't know what it is about those two genres. I love them anyway.

My paper's called Dark Treasury, shocker right. I can't help it. The title is so perfect for the resources I'm compiling, it's a major theme in all my stories and it's gonna be a part of my business name.


  1. It's awesome that you're exploring your passion on a whole other level. Have fun!

  2. Best of luck with it, Auden! Enjoy yourself!


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