I now understand the statement there aren't enough hours in the day. My day-to-day is supposed to be writing my second novel, editing my first, world building, research, helping my mother with her business, establishing my business, building my author platform. Then, add to all that, a full-time job. Fun. Actually, it really is fun. The headache comes when I'm trying to pack them into one day or even one week.

This is where a schedule comes in. Unfortunately, I'm not the type who can say from 9- 9:30, I'll do this and 9:30-10:30, I'll do this. So, I tried a daily and then a weekly checklist. Instead of times, I wrote a list of things I need to get done every day and every week. That worked for a while.

Scheduling is not in my blood. I don't even know what I'm going to do on the weekend until it gets here. I don't make a habit of planning things far in advanced. Even with my writing. Outlining is my four letter word. Yes, I know we need to write everyday but the idea of setting up a specific time each day to do it makes me cringe. I'm more the spur of the moment type. How do you create a schedule when you're schedule-phobic? Don't know yet but I'm not giving up.

How do you make sure you complete everything on your personal checklist?


  1. I plan things to get done during the day, but I don't schedule those things in specific time slots. I'm not that organized. ;)

  2. I'm lucky if I have an opportunity to even think about my novel while at work these days. I'm on a very highly tight schedule at work, so the only time I get to write is on the weekend, but it's really hard to give up going out on the water, fishing, and drinking beer. :)

    I also am not a scheduler, but I need to or else I'll never get any writing done.


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