Hurricane Sandy

Planned on this post being a movie review then Frankenstorm descended on the East Coast. Following and experiencing Sandy, all I could think was this is like some SyFy B movie. Stuff like this just doesn't happen in NY.

The city that never sleeps is pretty much shut down. Many subway stations are flooded and most streets are for emergency vehicles only. Trains and buses aren't running. I can't go anywhere but at least I can walk around outside. Couldn't do that yesterday.

Fortunately, I still have power and I live in an area that doesn't normally flood. A lot of people can't say the same. I still can't believe the water got high enough to flood Battery Park. I was stunned yesterday when they closed all the bridges. Lower Manhattan has no power.

This storm actually got me to turn on the news. This morning, the streets were empty. This is NY, the streets are never empty! Speaking of news, it's interesting how times have changed. My TV was acting up yesterday so I couldn't watch the news. I got information from my Twitter, Breaking News and CNN apps. I needed an update on the storm, I went to my iPhone. Good thing I didn't lose power.

Of all the things to lose because of Sandy, I didn't expect to wake up with no running water. No one in my building has running water and we don't know when it'll be fixed. At least I have power.

I took my dog on a nice, long, slow walk this morning. Sandy had me in my apartment all day yesterday and the walls were closing in. My neighborhood has a lot of overturned trees but from what I can tell, they, for the most part, landed in the streets and the yards.