Let Your Baby Go

There comes a time in every story's life when it's been polished so often it's luminescent. When that time comes, we authors need to stop. There is such a thing as too much editing. I have a feeling no matter how many times we tweak our story, we will always find something wrong with it.

It's even worse if you've reread your novel a million times and have gotten so tired of it that it's getting boring. I'm having this problem with my first novel. Been working on it for years. I know every aspect of it backwards and forwards. There are no more surprises.

This reminds me of music. I love a song so much I listen to it over and over. After a while, I get so sick of it I never want to hear it again.

I feel kinda bad talking about my novel like this.

No one wants their story to be boring. I'm doubting myself, thinking I need to change this, tweak that, add this. This is why we need another person over our shoulders. Someone who's not as intimate with our story as we are. Hopefully, their comments will be that little voice in the back of your head reminding you your story is really good.