The Dream Wins

I love writing and really want my work published but my goodness the life can drive you insane. Between world building, actual writing, building my platform and working eight hours, I feel as if I'm always tired.

How do authors do it? Well, it's not really a question of how. It's more like the only other option is to give up on their dreams so they find a way. I could cut platform building off my schedule and stop working to publish my book. I'll still write but only friends and family would read it.

But, no one said the writing life was easy. In fact, I read an article a couple of months ago, Writer’s Cramp: In the E-Reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking, that pretty much said the writer's life was getting harder.
Authors are now pulling the literary equivalent of a double shift, churning out short stories, novellas or even an extra full-length book each year.
Not only are we required to do our own marketing but apparently, we're now expected to publish more than one story a year. Intense right?

You have to look at it as an adventure. Pulling an all nighter in college writing a paper while downing several cups of Cherry Coke and Mountain Dew was not fun, or healthy, but it does make a great story. And the "A" in the class made it all worth it. With that in mind, I'm trying really hard not to look at the now but at the long term. What would I miss out on if I stopped now simply because I'm tired?

Funny, I woke up this morning a bit irritated because I was still tired but this post made me feel a lot better. What's even funnier- I had this type of post in my head for a while but resisted writing it for some reason. Lesson learned- don't fight the muse.