A Pretty Cool Gadget

Just found out about an interesting gadget. I'm excited. Hope it works the way it sounds.
"Evernote has trotted out an update to its iOS app and accompanied the software release with an announcement of a collaboration with Moleskine. Yes, you read that correctly. The digital note-taking application has teamed up with the analog sketchbook maker to produce the Evernote Smart Notebook. Designed specifically for the refreshed iPhone and iPad software, the notebooks allow users to snag written notes or drawings right off the paper and archive them with the app -- making them searchable and organized for future reference"(The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine: paper sketchbooks and journals get connected)
Wasn't familiar with Evernote so I checked it out. It sounds awesome. I downloaded it, of course. Don't know why I haven't come across it before, I take tons of notes on my iPhone

This Evernote/Moleskine team-up seems like a cool idea. I love my journals but searching them drives me up a wall. I've started typing most of my story notes. This makes organizing and finding information easier but, call me old fashioned, I still like putting pen to paper. This notebook sounds like the best of both worlds.


Unknown said…
THANK YOU!! So going to get the app.
Kelly Hashway said…
I do a combination of typing my notes and handwriting them in my notebooks. (I have a ton of notebooks all over my house. LOL) Just yesterday I had to look something up in one of my notebooks. Not always easy, but I found what I needed and was glad I had it handy.