Then Suddenly...

So, I finally got a job yesterday! Okay, finally is a bit stretching it. I've only been unemployed since January. I know people who've been out of work for over a year. Strong people. Only 7 months and I was reaching my breaking point.

The forbearance period for one of my student loans had passed. Sallie Mae was expecting me to pay $50 a month and had no problem calling both my phones (yes I have a land line) twice a day whenever I was late making a payment. They even tried to send me text reminders. Nipped that one in the butt.

On top of that, Great Lakes, the lender responsible for my grad school loans, sent me a bill. I thought Sallie Mae was the devil turns out, there's someone much worse. I took out four loans with Great Lakes. The payment for all four loans adds up to $1,111 a month. Seriously? That's almost as much as my rent!

And, I was playing something similar to Russian Roulette with my bills, not my rent though. They could turn off my lights, gas, phone and internet but as long as I have a roof over my head, I'm good. It never came to that though. Thank God. I was the ultimate cliche. The starving artist living in Brooklyn. People say "starving artist" like it's a badge of honor. It's highly overrated.

Then suddenly, I got a call from an employment agency I sent my resume to. Went in, filled out paperwork and the next day I get a call saying they have a 4 month assignment for me- working with old books. Pure Awesomeness! And, the hours are a blessing. I work 2-10pm so I can still do my Social Media thing in the morning and since I love the night anyway, I can write once I get home. I'm excited.