Reader Profile

An author needs to create a reader profile to focus their marketing efforts. I've heard this so many times. You don't want to spend time on LinkedIn, for example, only to find out the majority of your potential readers don't use it. Makes sense.

I've read Get Know Before the Book Deal and did a lot of Google searching and yet I couldn't find specific ways to create a profile of my potential readers. The one tip I found was to think about myself as the reader because we write what we want to read but does that work for everyone? Don't know. It helped me only a little.

Recently, I read the posts 3 Steps to Pinpoint Your Crazy Dedicated Readers' Favorite Hangouts and Be-Narrow Minded: 11 Questions to Turn a Target Market Into a Reader Profile. This was exactly what I needed! For something that's supposed to be important it sure was hard finding information on it.

Is a reader profile really that important? How do you go about creating one?