Prometheus 3D

I've never been a huge Science Fiction fan but sometimes there are movies, like Prometheus, I just can't miss. This was one seriously anticipated movie. My theater usually lines people outside for popular flicks so, I like to arrive about 15 minutes early.

By outside, I mean outside the actual room where we watch the movie.

For Prometheus, I arrived early and the line was the longest I'd ever seen. It seemed to wrap around the top floor. I ended up in the back and watched as people kept coming and coming and coming. Never really appreciated how big that theater was.

Now to the actual movie. I expected it to be about people trapped somewhere while aliens were killing them off. It wasn't. In fact, though the aliens were important, they didn't make much of an appearance. Prometheus was more "human" focused- more about how people react when faced with discovering a new alien species. Most acted quite deplorably. I didn't shed a tear when they died.

I have to talk about the women because usually, as you know, women are portrayed as weak screaming ninnies. The female protagonist, Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace was hardcore. She was strong but not obviously so. This is the type of female protagonist I like, though I do also really enjoy the ones that kick-butt. Not to give too much away but this woman pretty much cut herself open then walked and ran minutes later despite being in enormous pain. After that, I was sold. Yes, I'm a sucker for a strong female protagonist especially in my Sci Fi, Horror and Fantasy.

With Prometheus, a lot of details were between the lines. This was a movie that relayed on what wasn't said. I like a movie that doesn't think for you. It was also very nice to look at. I can't say for sure whether or not it was worth the watch in 3D. The visuals were amazing but halfway through, I forgot it was supposed to be in 3D. I was so into the story.

By now, you've probably come across some negative reviews- if you haven't, I'm sure you will. I enjoyed this movie. It was entertaining and you cared about the characters you were supposed to care about but, it wasn't what I expected so I can understand the negative reviews.

I went in expecting some epic action-heavy alien gore-fest. It wasn't. People may have a problem with this. Also, though it was not advertised as such, this movie is pretty much an Alien prequel or a pseudo-prequel as Yahoo Movies put it. I don't understand why those behind Prometheus didn't just say that. From what I read beforehand, a lot of people were already assuming this was a prequel. Overall, good watch- solid storyline, great acting, amazing visuals.

On slightly unrelated note- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter sounds hilarious and not in a good way but, the trailer has me intrigued. It looks like my kind of movie. I think I'm gonna check this one out. Apparently, it's based on a best-seller.


Kelly Hashway said…
I heard the Abraham Lincoln book was amazing. I haven't read it though.
Anonymous said…
I like your movie reviews. I'm glad Prometheus was not gory. Maybe I can go see it!