NY International Auto Show

I really like looking at cars. Spent almost 4 hours at the Auto Show over the weekend and took like 300 pictures. There were so many hotties. I had to take a picture from every angle. Talk about eye candy. Let me tell you, at the end of the day, my feet, my legs and back were killing me. All I was thinking of was chair now.

Back to the Show. Dodge had the Charger and the Challenger. They're always fun to look at, especially the Challenger but it was so hard to take a good picture of them. There were always people around or inside them. Dodge were seriously pushing the Dart. They seemed to have one in every color. I exaggerated of course but there seemed to be a lot of them.

Ford was Focus heavy and Chrysler was showing off the 300, the 200 and the Town and Country. The 300 Concept Car was so awesome.

I love Concept Cars. They're all so gorgeous! Even now, they make me smile. You know, one of these days I'll actually take time out to learn about a car's interior. At this point, simply looking at them makes me happy.

And then there was the SRT Viper (not a concept car). *Sigh* I think it was love at first sight.

I'm not a fan of red but I gotta admit, it looks great on cars. Some had vicious wheels too.

And, I had an unexpected nerd moment.

The S.H.I.E.L.D car from the upcoming Avengers movie. The most impressive thing about this car was the 6 million dollar price tag.

And the DeLorean Electric

This post was so hard. I wanted to show more pictures, share more stories like the one when I'm in front of a yellow Ford Mustang Boss 302 with black strips and people behind me keep calling it Bumble Bee. I'm like Bumble Bee's a Camaro people. I didn't say this out loud of course ;)


Kelly Hashway said…
Is that car in the middle really green? I can't tell if it's the picture but I love the color!
Auden Johnson said…
Do you mean the car in the third picture? It's black and yeah, it looks great on the car.
Anonymous said…
I like the second concept car. Is it electronic? The wheels are vicious! They would be a 'target' in our neighborhood!!! I need to get to one of these shows. The New York ones look the best. What do you think?
Auden Johnson said…
The second concept car is electronic. It's a BMW. The New York one is the best. A lot of cars are revealed first in NY.
Kelly Hashway said…
I'm talking about the fifth picture. It's an awesome color.